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Pilatebaby Classes in Cofton and Barnt Green!

Our EAPP Pilatebaby classes are suitable for mothers with babies 6 weeks old (depending on your delivery) until fully on the move. Learn and practice specific exercises taught by highly experienced Women’s Health Physiotherapists to regain your core and pelvic floor strength, spinal mobility, posture and much more whilst also bonding with your baby. There is social time after the class to meet other mums and babies.

Pilatebaby classes will focus on:

- Improving your pelvic floor, core and whole-body strength.

- Improving your rib control, flexibility and thus breathing pattern.

- Addressing pelvic floor weakness and separated stomach muscle issues

- Increasing your fitness levels to return to sport and running.

- Enhance your postural awareness & strengthen your mind–body connection.

- Focus sessions and discussions with other mothers during social time.

Meeting other mothers and babies is vital especially during those early and more challenging months! We strive to offer a very welcoming and supportive environment during classes to help create a caring community within EAPP.

No previous Pilates experience is needed and trail sessions are available before signing up fully to a block. There are 5 weeks left of this current block so please get in touch if you would like to come along to a class!

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