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Professional & Passionate Care

Founder and Clinical Director Elizabeth Muir has been providing clients with a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for over 15 years.  


Click here to find out more about her experiences and Physiotherapy approach in getting you confident to move freely and exercise again.

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 Our Physiotherapy Led Pilates classes offer exercises to focus on controlled spinal mobility, postural control, whole body stretching, pelvic control and stability as well as graduated core strengthening.

At EAPP Pilates is for everyone, whether to enhance your efficiency in running or a particular sport, recovering from surgery or just wanting to stay fit and care for your body and mind. 

EAPP offers the highest standard of treatment and care.

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#Move More Often

Follow EAPP on Instagram to be more present and mindful of what you do on a day to day basis. There will be simple tips, exercises and  advice to care for your body and mind. 

Adverts for up and coming EAPP events will also be shared  so  that is another good reason to follow us :)

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